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Generally, the recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new raw materials and objects. It is an alternative to “conventional” waste disposal that can save material and help lower greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling can prevent the waste of potentially useful materials and reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, thereby reducing: energy usage, air pollution (from incineration), and water pollution (from landfilling).

Recyclable materials also include many kinds of glass, paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, tires, textiles, batteries, and electronics. The composting or other reuse of biodegradable waste-such as food or garden waste-is also a form of recycling.[4] Materials to be recycled are either delivered to a household recycling center or picked up from curbside bins, then sorted, cleaned, and reprocessed into new materials destined for manufacturing new products.

TADWEER Commercial Metals company (TADWEER), was basically established to submit this idea, beside working hard also to be one of the main sources of iron, recycled and reused materials in the region, helped by the strategic alliance with the major iron mills and construction companies in the Western region.

Handling this large business, TADWEER was based on heritage and a great deal of experience, knowledge and leadership in reconstruction work, dealing with large quantities of waste, including rebar, equipment and idle mechanisms, which are treated as a scrap.

Depending on ISO standards related to recycling such as ISO 15270:2008 for plastics waste and ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management control of recycling practice.

In the strictest sense, TADWEER is concerning about the recycling of a material which would produce a fresh supply of the same material—for example, used office paper would be converted into new office paper or used polystyrene foam into new polystyrene. This is accomplished when recycling certain types of materials, such as metal cans, which can become a can again and again, infinitely, without losing purity in the product



In its seeking of development, to benefit from this scaffold and excess iron reinforcement and re-use in addition to contributing to the cleanliness of the environment, so in this context, TADWEER created a new section of the company to manage the waste and destruction resulting from projects LEED Department has recently acquired the membership of the American Green Building Council USGBC and AVRA.